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Christian Goetze

I’m a 20-year Silicon Valley veteran, doing build and release automation since 1996 at a variety of places with a variety of tools and philosophies: centralized vs distributed, mono-repo vs multi-repo, etc. I’ve seen a lot (nobody ever sees it all).

I’ve always found build systems to be fascinating creatures, for which the usual 80/20 rules don’t apply if you really want to make a difference. Build systems must work 100 percent of the time--otherwise you’re not moving much beyond manual builds.

Sadly, build management is also an under-appreciated domain, fraught with a lot of bad reasoning and cargo cult mentality. My goal is to get people to see and act on the challenges instead of always choosing cheap shortcuts which transform builds into the messes we see.

I’ve been very inspired by the late Peter Miller, an early pioneer in pushing beyond simple GNU make and CVS.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, August 31

1:30pm PDT